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Class One


In Class 1 we have our Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children.    We have a lot of fun together and enjoy our learning.

Our Learning In Action 

Summer Term 2016-2017


We’ve started off our new topic on Dinosaurs with some enthusiasm and excitement.  We’ve used non-fiction books to find out about dinosaurs, enjoyed some of our favourite stories and created a whole new range of spotty dinosaurs.  On one sunny day, we merged Michael Rosen’s ‘We’re Going On A Bear Hunt’ with a dinosaur hunt around the school grounds!

Spring Term 2016-2017


This half term is all about Lighthouses.  We started by reading ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’ stories, which led to creating our own lighthouses.  We’ve made small lighthouses and used the circuits to try to light them up, we’ve learned about Grace Darling and wrote reports about the night that she rescued so many people from a wild storm and we’ve done so many other activities.



Autumn Term 2016-2017


This half term has been full of exciting things.  We’ve been impressed by the technical ability of Key Stage 2, had moments of awe and wonder outside and been busily working on developing our own skills and understanding.  We also received a parcel from the North Pole asking us to look after Elfie – who has been causing a bit of mischief around the classroom!



We’ve been busy doing out learning outside today.  We’ve been writing lists, recognising numbers and counting with accuracy.  Last week we made some special notebooks to use outdoors so we used them today.  We love our outdoor sessions!


Summer Term 2015-2016


We’ve started our trip around the world for our Holidays topic.  Today we visited Iceland with Ms Thompson as our official tour guide.  She showed us lots of her pictures and some coins.  The children loved learning about Iceland and are keen to discover where our journey will take us to next.
image image image
Writing our postcards to send home from Iceland.




Our topic is Beatrix Potter at the moment.  Here are a few pictures of us doing some observational paintings like Beatrix Potter.  We are learning to look closely at what we see and draw it. image image

Spring Term 2015-2016

A section of our display about People Who Help Us

A section of our display about People Who Help Us




Our topic is People Who Help Us, so in our role play area we’ve made a class ‘town’ with the Vets, Doctors and Police Station.  We did a lot of talking about the different ways that people help us and how we can other people too.



We’ve also been very busy doing our performance of Mr Big this term.  We sold tickets to raise money for new outdoor equipment.  After the play we counted up the money and made lists of the things that we’d like.  Pictures coming soon!



We are really enjoying our topic about The Great Fire of London.  Pudding Lane is being recreated (pictures on the way soon), in literacy we are writing newspaper articles about the event and we are enjoying looking through our topic books and discovering a lot of new facts.

We’ve made an oven!  We looked at books and found out what they looked like and then did an excellent job working as a team to make ours.   Pudding Lane Oven
Duplo London A group of children have been very busy building London out of Duplo.  (The motorbike is actually a pedal bike – not sure how historical that bit is, but I loved their discussions about whether the motorbike was allowed!)







Year A

Autumn Term 1

 Spring Term 1

Summer Term 1

Families Lighthouses curriculum overview Dinosaurs Curriculum Overview

 Autumn 2

Spring Term 2

Summer Term 2

Books By The Same Author Overview Under The Sea Curriculum Overview  Katie Morag curriculum overview

Year B

Autumn Term 1

Spring Term 1

Summer Term 1

Food and Farming

Great Fire of London

Beatrix Potter

Autumn Term 2

Spring Term 2

Summer Term 2

Light and Dark

People Who Help Us

 Holidays Topic Overview




Autumn 2016 Newsletter


Children will need their forest kits with them every Friday for our outdoor learning morning.


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