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Class Three


In Class 3 we have our  Year 5 and Year 6 children.

Our Learning In Action 

Blea Tarn… March 2017, as part of our Wolves topic, we went to find inspiration for our spooky story writing.








In December 2016, class 3 were completing a topic on Herdwick Sheep. The end task was to write a biography/information text on Herdwick Sheep, explaining the history of the breed and about their habitat. The opportunity arose to go on a very special trip to The Herdwick School in Matterdale, to meet James Rebank (author of The Shepherd’s Life) and complete over various activities. The Herdy shop also kindly donated a range of gifts to the children and ‘Big Herdy’ came to visit for a short while, which certainly excited the children.

Completing jobs on the farm…






Making homemade lamb burgers… putting together herdwick peg sheep from sheep’s wool… drinking hot chocolate around a fire while discussing the history of the breed. A wonderful day enjoyed by everyone.







On the 22nd of November, Class 3 visited the Wordsworth House in Grasmere. The visit focus was poetry, the children thoroughly enjoyed exploring the gardens and this really influenced their poem writing back in the house.

Exploring all the secret paths which led to beautiful views..


Sitting in Wordsworths chair… influencing children to write in the style of his poetry .

Here is an example from one of the year 5 pupils…

As the sun comes slowly up, its tiny spark is not enough, darkness fades and colours blaze, the sunrise starts the coming day;

Though on the fells the frost is bitter, the little robin will bravely twitter, the strong cold breeze, will rustle the trees, but nature will survive with ease;

Thick clouds drift across the sky, as if cotton wool could fly, it’s a marvellous sight, to see them in flight, although they can block the suns bright light;

The world turns round towards the deep dark space, and darkness comes to meet earths face, the stars shine bright from such a height, and the moon comes round to start the night.




During October 2016, class 3 were focusing on instructional writing. As a class it was decided to build a bug hotel and afterwards complete a piece of writing on how they made it. This enthused the children further, and since daffodils have been planted and bugs have been made through painting rocks.









On the 8th March 2016, we went on a school trip to visit 3 castle sites in Kendal. These were; Castle Howe, Kendal Castle and Sizergh Castle.

We enjoyed exploring around the 3 sites; walking up to the monument at Castle Howe, looking at the ruins of Kendal Castle and completing a hidden object hunt around Sizergh Castle.







Kings, Queens and Castles Curriculum overview – Class 3





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