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Inter-generation dancing

Year 3 have been joined by Class 1 to participate in an inter-generation dance workshop every Thursday afternoon.

We had great fun dancing to lots of 'old' songs and getting to know our new class mates.

Hidden Stories, Shared Lives workshop

On Monday 5th November, Key Stage 2 took part in a global awareness workshop to further explore their current topic.

The workshop focused on lots of people from different countries who have moved to the local area. It was very informative and interesting to find out about the reasons why people had moved, especially as we found it out through their diaries and the stories that they told.

2017 - 2018

January 2018

Our topic for the first half of the spring term is 'Polar Regions and Explorers'.

We will be looking at the accomplishments of explorers such at Ernest Shackleton, Roald Amundsen, Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay.

Our Geography learning will focus on comparing the polar regions to the UK. 

2016 - 2017

Fun and games ...

For our current English topic on instructions and explanations, the children in class 2 were set a challenge to design and make a game which could be played in either Maths or English.

Cue a very busy week of designing, editing, making and testing lots of different, but equally fantastic, games. The next task will be to write a set of instructions to explain to another class how their game is played.

Stories by the same author - Roald Dahl

We have been enjoying reading ‘The Twits’ in our English lessons. We have created 3D pictures of Mr Twit using materials found in the playground and school wood. These pictures really helped us describe what he looked like as we were able to use our senses when writing.

We also made up our own tricks to play on Mr and Mrs Twit. Can you work out what they are?

No pens day Wednesday

We try to get outside whenever possible in Class 2 but every Wednesday morning we will be making the most of the school grounds and local area to do our English and Maths lesson, whatever the weather!

So far we have worked out the ‘mean’ and ‘range’ of 100 sticks collected from the forest, created leaf multiplications, designed pictures using only 20 objects (trickier than it sounds!) performed poetry, created 3D pictures of Mr Twit, learnt what collective nouns are by gathering groups of the same objects and participated in some extreme reading.

We love our sessions outside and it really helps with our learning.


June 2016

In preparation for the Langdale Gala, we have been learning about shape poems. We have enjoyed creating our own examples of Calligrams as well as learning about the history of them. We have read and shared lots of examples of descriptive poems and have chosen to re-create ‘I asked a little boy who cannot see’ and ‘The Months’. We have drafted and edited our own work and are now ready to create our final versions in the style of a shape poem. These will be on display at the Gala so go and check them out!

15th June 2016

To finish our topic on Space, the Juniors took a trip to Spaceport in Liverpool.


May 2016

To go along with our topic on Space, we have been looking at artwork created by Peter Thorpe. We explored the term ‘abstract’ and discussed his use of different media. We really liked his use of colour on the background and the minimalist features of the foreground. A challenge was set to see if we could create our own versions of his artwork.


27th April 2016

We started our tennis lessons with Gary today!



27th April 2016

We started our tennis lessons with Gary today!



We have been enjoying our space topic and have been learning about lots of different aspects of space travel, planets and the solar system.


Happy Easter from Class 2

8th March 2016

We went on a trip to visit Castle Howe, Kendal Castle and Sizergh Castle. A great time was had by all, even though we got very wet!


3rd March 2016 – World Book Day!

For world book day we got to come to school wearing our pyjamas. We brought in our favourite books and teddies to share with our friends. Some of the teachers shared their favourite books too. We focussed on Dr Seuss and his fantastic rhyming stories and created rhyming word balloons, ‘I can read anywhere!’ hats and book reviews.


March 2016

To go along with our termly topic on Kings, Queens and Castles, we have been looking at the War of the Roses and the Battle of Bosworth. We have been using these historical events to write recounts. We have been practising using paragraphs, past tense and writing in chronological order.

February 2016

Who says we have to work inside at desks?!

Some of the Juniors enjoying being out in the school woods writing about what they can see, hear and feel.


14th January 2016

Langdale Primary enjoying the snow! Lots of sledging and fun had by all.

Lots of fun!